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Reframing The Retina: Global Coalition Launch New Public Resource On The Aging Eye


20th February 2020: Retina Action, a global initiative made up of Prevent Blindness USA, The European Alliance of Personalised Medicine, International Federation on Aging, Canadian Council of the Blind, Blind and Low Vision New Zealand, European Council of Optometry and Optics, ,Retina France, Pro Retina Germany and Retina International, is proud to announce the launch of a new public resource to help combat unnecessary blindness due to retinal disease


It is widely acknowledged that people are living and working longer, highlighting the growing need to promote an attitude of ‘healthy aging’. However, a misconception exists around the reality of aging, what it looks like and who is at risk of developing conditions considered “age-related”. For too long, deteriorating vision has been accepted as simply a normal consequence of aging, instead of something that can be avoided. This needs to change!


Retina Action is working to “Reframe the Retina” and societies attitudes to age-related vision loss. This globally representative group are working collaboratively to drive this cultural shift by providing clear, concise and accurate information about how to prevent and manage Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and Diabetes-related Eye Diseases (DEDs), including:

  • Establishing healthy lifestyle habits, such as diet and exercise.
  • The importance of disease screening and advice for dealing with diagnosis.
  • Up to date information about strategies to prevent and treat retinal diseases.


Dr Keith Gordon, Chair of Retina Action commented on this need for attitudinal change and what we can all do to maintain our vision health. “Although awareness of Age-related Macular Degeneration and Diabetes-related Eye Diseases are certainly increasing, unfortunately at-risk groups are still not having regular eye examinations. Screening devices for Diabetes-related Eye Diseases have been rolled out in few countries, despite governments agreeing this is a critical service. With respect to AMD, there is no screening available. Even when screening does exist, uptake is low. This is resulting in people attending eye clinics when their condition is far too advanced to benefit from existing treatments”. He continued: “Retina Action is a coalition of like-minded organisations in the vision and aging space who are collectively troubled by the reality of people losing their sight unnecessarily. We are working to “Reframe the Retina” to change perceptions of the aging eye and ensure those at risk heed the messages and have regular examinations to improve and protect their vision loss and to avoid blindness”.


Check out the Retina Action website and follow us on Twitter: @ActionRetina



 About Retina Action: Retina Action is a global coalition of non-governmental agencies, charities and patient-led groups concerned with vision loss and committed to improving the lives of those affected in our aging population. The goal of Retina Action is to raise awareness around the importance of regular screening, early diagnosis and timely intervention to mitigate retinal disease onset and progression.


The Retina Action coalition secretariat is provided by Retina International.


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