Thursday 20 February 2020: Retina International launch a survey open to those living with wet age-related macular degeneration (wAMD), proliferative diabetes-related retinopathy (PDR) and diabetes-related macular edema (DME) and receiving injection therapy and to care givers of those receiving nAMD or DME injection therapy.

This survey will be open to those living in the USA, UK, and Germany.


wAMD/PDR/DME survey flyer:

  • Have you received treatment for ¬†wet age-related macular degeneration (wAMD) or diabetes-related macular edema (DME)?


  • Are you the care giver to a person who has been treated for wAMD or DME with eye injections, and/or eye injections and laser therapy?


  • If you answer yes to either of the questions above, we would like your opinion!


  • Treatment of retinal diseases such as wAMD and DME is vital to preserve vision. To support and enable patients to follow through with their appropriate care pathway it is important that therapy does not impose a major burden on patients and their caregivers.


  • Retina International is conducting a study to identify the obstacles to optimal therapy for the treatment of wAMD and DME. This data will allow patient organisations advocate to improve long term management and suitable access to therapy. This will support willingness and ability of patients to follow through with treatment of wAMD/DME.


  • You are invited to participate in an anonymous online survey to share the view and perception of patients and carers of the current care pathways available for the treatment of wAMD or DME.


  • Your participation in this survey will allow patient organisations to advocate for solutions to reduce the barriers to effective treatment and to help to develop better care pathways.


  • Your personal information collected as part of this survey will be kept strictly confidential and in compliance with data protection and privacy as per GDPR in EU law.



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