Oaks (APL2-304) and Derby (APL2-303) phase 3 clinical trial studies which are being undertaken by Apellis Pharmaceuticals Inc. will investigate intravitreal APL2 injection therapy as a therapy option for Geographic Atrophy. They are recruiting 600 participants to take part in this study, which will investigate the safety and success of APL-2 administration in treating Geographic Atrophy, compared to other sham injections.

Geographic Atrophy (GA) is a form of late stage Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD), also known as dry AMD. GA is a progressive, irreversible form of vision loss which is generally associated with blind spots and delayed adaptation to darkness. It is caused by the breakdown of light-sensitive cells in they eye, called photoreceptor cells, as well as

APL2 targets a major protein within the complement system, called C3 and is suspected to control the entire complement system. The complement system is part of the immune system and enhances the removal of damaged cells from an organism. APL2 works by reducing the effect of C3 and helps the body to regain control of the complement system. Preliminary data has indicated some therapeutic effect in people living with GA who have received APL2.

More information about APL2 and the Oaks and Derby phase 3 clinical trials can be found here:

APL2 Geographic Atrophy Phase 3 Clinical Trial

Apellis Pharmaceuticals Website: APL2



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