Retina Action is a global coalition of non-governmental agencies, charities and patient-led groups concerned with vision loss and committed to improving the lives of those affected in our ageing population.

The goal of Retina Action is to raise awareness around the importance of regular screening, early diagnosis and timely intervention to mitigate retinal disease onset and progression. With this in mind, a series of toolkits have been established as an educational resource for clinicians, patients and stakeholders enabling access to a comprehensive set of guidelines and coping measures that aid patients in managing complex retinal diseases, including Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and Diabetes-related Eye Diseases (DED).

These educational toolkits provide information accessible to the wider community while also offering an insight into retinal conditions from the patient’s perspective.

Additionally, they serve as a platform to advocate for education and research funding to support innovative therapy development, regular screening and detection methods and the improvement of facilities and services for affected patients. With the increasing evidence to support the management of retinal diseases through early screening and detection methods, it is critically important to spread awareness of the potential to preserve sight.

In developing these informative toolkits, we are dedicated to maintaining the site and published content updated, relevant and freely accessible, and so welcome all suggestions and guidance.

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